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Kate has been concerned for several years about the growing political divide and has been searching for organization committed to finding ways to heal our democracy.  The common themes are the need to 1) find common ground, 2) reduce influence of special interests and big money, 3) re-empower citizens and hold them accountable to engage and 4) remember that government is a endeavor that calls us to look beyond our own self interests to the well being of our communities.


Open Democracy     

The Coalition for Open Democracy is a non-partisan organization in New Hampshire dedicated to increasing civic engagement, strengthening democratic institutions, and addressing the corrupting influence of big money in politics.      


Fix Democracy

I am running to support reforms in Concord that will return power to the voters.   One  strategy is a 28th Amendment.

 Visting Senator Shaheen's Office In March 2107

Visting Senator Shaheen's Office In March 2107


No Labels

Kate traveled to the Problem Solvers' National Conference in March of 2017 and helped to found the NH chapter with concerned citizen leaders she met in DC.


The Centrist Manifesto by Charles Wheelan

Charles Wheelan is the author of Centrist Manifesto, which helped launch Unite America in 2013. He is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Dartmouth College. Wheelan ran for Congress as a Democratic candidate in Illinois in 2009. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling books Naked Economics, Naked Statistics and Naked Money.


Photo Credit: Michael Hamm (Party of Reason and Progress) 

Why the 2 Party System is Thwarting Effective Leadership

Business woman Katherine Gehl and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter explain Why Competition in the Political Industry is Failing American and their Strategy for Reinvigorating Democracy.

Watch explain how corruption is Legal in America and then watch the plan to Solve it:

The Bridge Alliance

 is a diverse coalition of more than 80 respected established organizations committed to revitalizing democratic practice in America.

Since it’s often difficult for any one group to fully capture public attention or broadly popularize solutions, we are banding together to create great impact across three broad areas: civic engagement, governance and policymaking, and campaign and election processes.